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Party recipes: Gluten-free party foods

by Danielle Markovic 05/20/2024

Both guests and party hosts might wonder, “What is a potluck, exactly?” The term can be broadly applied to different types of gatherings, but does have some specifics to know. 

If you’re interested in hosting or attending a potluck dinner, barbecue or other event, here is a quick guide to help you learn more:

What exactly is a potluck party?

A potluck is an event during which both the host and guests contribute food. The food can be either homemade or store bought, depending on the situation. Sometimes, guests might have a specific category of dish to provide, e.g. desserts or salads. This helps ensure a balanced spread of options for the party.

What is potluck etiquette?

Some great potluck etiquette tips include:

  • Make sure your dish is fully prepared before you arrive. Needing to warm up for a few minutes in the oven is fine, but avoid bringing a cake before it’s baked.
  • Consider any dietary restrictions other guests might have, and label common allergens like “wheat,” “dairy,” “peanuts/tree nuts” and “coconut. 
  • Stick to small portions at first, so everybody has a chance to try each delicious dish. Try mini portions of pasta salad, your favorite bread bowl recipes or other absolutely delicious classics.

What to bring to a potluck

Potlucks give you the opportunity to share your favorite dishes, instead of stressing over fancy appetizers. Simple, comforting meals are always welcome, but don't be afraid to try complicated, complex recipes. 

A classic spinach & mushroom quiche

Quiche is a classic potluck dish that can be made with a wide variety of ingredients and special toppings. For a nutritious and savory quiche recipe, try baking it with fresh spinach and roasted mushrooms. If you want to make sharing extra convenient, use a muffin tin to bake individually sized mini quiche for every guest.

A healthier twist on banana nut bread

Banana nut bread is a simple and beloved option to bring to a party, but why not change things up a little? Try the same flavors using hearty baked oatmeal bars instead. This dish is sweet but full of fiber and protein, and can be made a couple of days ahead for extra convenience. Just reheat before serving, or put them in the refrigerator to cool down. Serve yogurt on top for a fresh, creamy topping.

Tips for hosting a potluck

Hosting a potluck might seem like the ideal situation - after all, your guests are doing a large portion of the work for you. However, potluck parties can be tricky without proper planning. There are some excellent ways to make your own potluck a success, including:

  • Prepare for at least one last-minute cancellation by having a basic dish with enough servings for your guests.
  • Choose a theme for the potluck party to inspire and guide your guests’ food choices.
  • Have more dishes and silverware than you think you’ll need.

Are you ready for your next potluck? Keep these tips and ideas in mind the next time you want to share a meal with a crowd, whether it’s classic pasta salad or a new spin on roasted veggies in garlic butter. You’re sure to delight any potluck supper or dinner party when you explore these easy-to-follow tricks.

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